Archisys Connection #11


RIGHT IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD: If you live in or near Playa Vista, Marina Del Rey or Westchester, then the Ballona Wetlands are practically in your own backyard! These photos were taken in spring after substantial winter rains. Indigenous flowers bloomed profusely, bushes sported a variety of textures & colors, and the water teemed with bird life. Visit to learn how the wetlands have been protected and restored for over 39 years with the help of 95,000 volunteers.

Every year large geese appear, stopping by as part of their migration flight. Not until this year did we realize that they were nesting and raising their goslings right here at our wetlands.

What a surprise to see an entire family along the pathway… Mom leading her brood to find tasty tidbits; Dad standing guard to be sure that we kept our distance. It was right out of a PBS special!

You can find the wetlands at the corner of Jefferson and Lincoln Blvds with plenty of curbside parking.

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