Archisys Connection #14


Problem Solved! In a gesture of genuine kindness our client decided to add an access ramp to accommodate the needs of all his family and friends. We first designed one that was inconspicuously located down the driveway at a back door. But the owner had the main entry in mind for the location. A huge concrete mass extruding out from our beloved modern home!! Certainly not what we had envisioned. But… we are in the solution finding business. So, along with the client’s constructive input, we created a ramp that appears, instead, to be a flowing extension of the house. The entire front landscape combines horizontal and vertical surfaces into a singular, integrated feature composed of one material… concrete. Fences, slope, cantilevered benches, porch/deck, and raked exterior are all constructed of concrete. Sprinkle in a few indigenous plants for a contemporary SoCal experience. Perfect!

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