Archisys Connection #13


So often we hear people say “I’m looking for a reliable contractor who will do the job quick and cheap.” That’s unrealistic. Here is a well-known formula. You can choose any tow, but you cannot have all three.

Choose quick and inexpensive, then the quality goes down.

Choose inexpensive and good quality, then the project takes longer.

Choose quality and speed, then the cost goes up.


These cabinets are truly awesome in this modern kitchen remodel. We would describe them as inexpensive, because the cost was significantly less than other products similar in style. The company chosen by IKEA to do the assemblage and installation was also kind on the wallet. Score one for price!

Being a huge store chain, we had no problem getting quick delivery and quick installation. Within mere days the product had arrived. Can we chalk one up for speed? Not exactly. Read more on page two.

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