Archisys Connection #18

Contemporary Coastal Craftsman

Facelift included: Don’t you just love before and after images like these! It’s what design-build is all about, inspiring make-overs which are aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional. For this particular project, the change in appearance is quite dramatic. We call it Contemporary Coastal Crasftsman.

It all started with a client’s need for an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU), a small apartment. Converting the garage was out of the question, since it truly was being used for vehicles and serving as a small contractor’s office as well. Another consideration was preserving current backyard space. So we went up instead of out, giving the detached garage a second story.

The resulting design was a more modern configuration with a large, quadrilateral presence and a defiantly flat roof. So distinct from the 1950’s tract home look as seen below.

In order to blend the new ADU to the garage and main house, Archisys proposed to give the existing two structures a face-lift!

By addressing the cosmetic details of all the exteriors, the residence now has the look of a Contemporary Coastal Craftsman.

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