The owner of this home regularly travels around the world on business. Whenever he is fascinated by an exotic palm, he has it shipped back to his home in Rolling Hills to create his own tropical garden. When his deck needed to be replaced due to dry rot and termite damage, we expanded it to incorporate the existing trees within the deck planking. Now the homeowner can walk with ease among his beloved trees!

To complement the garden’s tropical atmosphere, the new handrail was constructed to imitate a Hawaiian lanai. Upon completion, the daughter immediately requested LED mood lighting synchronized to music for her upcoming deck party. We carefully placed these lights out of sight in grooves under each top rail. It was a big success with the party-goers. And Mom & Dad could rest assured that all were safe and sound on the new ipé hardwood platform.

The renovation of this 7,500 sq. ft. mid century, coastal ranch home included the restoration of the vaulted ceilings and entire exterior. Keeping in tune with the indoor/outdoor style living, we were also tasked with the new construction of a 2,500 sq. ft. deck that wrapped around half of the house.