Say What?? The noise was deafening! People kept talking louder & louder and pulling in closer to hear. It was all so exhausting, conversing in this social hall. The cause was sound waves reflecting off nearby walls.

Although carpet can eliminate some loudness, arts and crafts and food service are the norm in this particular space, so… too messy for carpet. To reduce the overall ambient noise, we recommended acoustical panels.

Wanting to cut the reverberations by one half (nice!), we used mathematical calculations to determine the right amount of panels to purchase. Just how many did we need for a room this size? Forty four, to be exact.

An additional 30 panels were installed in the learning center. The lair and style they brought were an added bonus thanks to our expert designers and skilled carpenters.

During a recent meeting in this facility, two attendees confessed that now they could actually hear the people speaking across the table. “They should have done this a long time ago!”, one of them declared.

Music to our ears.