Designing this kitchen and it’s adjacent areas meant unifying years of previous remodels for this modern renovation. The owner loves to entertain, and hosts a weekly group study, so creating a spacious high-traffic design was a must.

We started by removing the ceiling and about 15 ft. of wall, turning what was once 3 separate rooms into a 747 sq. ft. continuous space. After studying the home’s structure, we were able to vault the ceiling in the living room for extra “WOW FACTOR.”

Being able to accommodate lots of guests means needing plenty of workspace and storage. This kitchen boasts 2 fridges, 39’ of cabinetry, 44 sq. ft. of countertop, and a 7’6×4’ island.

The owner had also recently redesigned their backyard so another task was to establish an indoor/outdoor connection of the spaces. Natural light fills the interior from glass tri-folding doors and a 10’ counter height window in the dining area. The folding doors open directly to their  Jacuzzi while the dining window frames a view of their lemon tree. Northern light washes the kitchen from a pair of glass sliders directly across from the kitchen island.