Outside this homeowner’s kitchen is a beautiful private entry courtyard surrounded by trees and vine covered walls. Squirrels and birds love to play there, taking advantage of the water feature for drink and the kind heartedness of the homeowner for food. “I buy so many containers of fancy nuts,” she said. “I’m making Costco a fortune!”

To accommodate the homeowner’s desire to better enjoy her entry courtyard and its many little visitors, Dale demolished the solid front wall of the kitchen. He created in-stead a connection to the outdoors by designing a corner window area for her kitchen café table and a sliding glass door for easy access outside.

Now, not only do the humans have a way to look out at their engaging courtyard, but the squirrels have a means to look in longingly as they wait for treats! It is a mutual love affair.

Several walls were removed to expand the former closed-off 155 sq. ft. Mar Vista Modern Kitchen to a new 228 sq. ft. that is now open to the entry and dining room. Large glass openings and a sliding door were introduced to create a relationship between the kitchen and the courtyard that was previously non-existent.

The cabinetry is constructed of maple with black granite countertops. The appliances are Wolf and Sub Zero.