Archisys Connection #17


Family Affair: “I like having so many choices,” remarked one of our recent clients. She was speaking of the many digital design options that we present for consideration to choose or to mix and match features.

Shown here are two computerized images “drawn” for owners who wished to have a comfortable gathering place for their multi-generational family. The perspective is from the front deck outside the dining room and runs all the way to the glass doors which open up to a backyard swimming pool.

We proposed taking out walls to create a grand open space which could handle greater foot traffic coming into and going through the house. Can you visualize grandparents, parents and grandkids cooking and eating here, and coming in from a swim?

Ultimately the client wanted to personalize it even further, asking for a couch and TV in this space. Check out our final design on page two, ready for construction.

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