Archisys Connection #10

Challenge: These photos are before and after shots, photographed from opposite ends. Our goal was to take the three separate rooms on the right and make one extended living space with dining room, kitchen and family room connected together. How did we do that??

Have a little fun with this. Take some time to thoroughly search the two pictures to discover the changes made to blend the 3 rooms together. Hint: Look high and low, as well as in between. When your search is through, we have provided some answers below.

• the white peninsula with its yellow countertop
• the dark wood cabinets above the peninsula
• the entire far kitchen wall up to the ceiling and its cabinetry which divided the family room from the kitchen
• the entire wall up to the ceiling which divided the dining room from the kitchen

• used the same flooring material throughout the 3 areas
• extended the same ceiling lights throughout the 3 areas
• used the same wood cabinetry (color & design) throughout
• inserted an island parallel to the kitchen cabinetry
Did I miss anything?

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