Archisys Connection #12


So they won’t be torn down! During the 1950’s and 60’s, there was a significant rise in the number of churches built in America. Interestingly, when designing these mid century modern structures, architects didn’t have to design to economics. They designed to inspire. Take the high roof/ceiling. It was percieved as pointing to heaven, funneling prayers to God.

Most of these aging churches today are in dire need of repair and renovation… only this time economics IS a factor! Our awesome task is to restore many of these structures back to their glory, as much as budget will allow. At the same time, we must adapt the churches to the new accessibility building codes and to current comfort standards. The coveted large church kitchen and the required handicapped bathrooms demand upgraded plumbing. Enhanced audio visual systems are needed for praise bands and Sunday power point presentations. And those high roofs, well, like most aging homes they are suffering from dry rot and water damage.

It’s a brand new niche for us, saving houses of God.

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